The ever-spinning turntable of life. This Daddy Blogger welcomes 2018!

Well here we are Again, another year in the yearbook.

Did you think you’d be where you are now when you made your resolutions last New Year’s Eve? Are you happy with the results or are you kicking yourself in the ass wishing you would have followed through with those dreams you resolved to accomplish?

I for one failed to succeed. I failed to succeed at my marriage. I failed to be the hero in my ex wife’s story, that ended up being the Fairy-tale that never happened. 

I failed to get her to see the man I see in the mirror. The WARRIOR, the MUSICIAN, the VISIONARY,the AUTHOR, the POET,and the BUSINESSMAN, the FIGHTER and the PROVIDER.

On the other hand I succeeded in failing.

I succeeded in being an incredible husband and father to our beautiful daughter. I succeeded in failing by quitting working for my in laws and starting up my own company. I succeeded in failing by studying and passing my online real estate exam, even though I was going through a divorce, and I finally succeeded in failing by growing the strongest relationship I have ever had with the almighty one himself, whom you may know as God, or Mr Awesome :)

The stakes were higher for me this past year than they have been any year prior. I had a lot more to lose and I did. 

I lost my wife, and gained my daughter,

I lost my job building with my in laws, and I gained a business working for myself. 

I lost my spirit, and I gained my soul.

We tend to look back and at so many memories, some good some not so good. We celebrate our triumphs and try to forget our defeats.

The truth is they’re both as equally important as the other and equally as critical for growth and change in this next year. We all need to find the place where our hearts beat with purpose and where our hearts thrive. We need to cultivate and nourish that relationship at all times if we want to see any of our resolutions play themselves out.

Death and rebirth, death and rebirth, death and rebirth. It’s the turntable that we are constantly spinning.

Make this next year of your life the best year of your life and keep your standards as high as your promises. 

Happy new year!