Little Miss Sunshine


Picked up Little Miss Sunshine, A.K.A. (Roo girl,) this morning from her moms house around 8 am. Roo has been a little under the weather with a cough and runny nose, so we went for a short ride in the car so she could rest a little while longer.

God bless her little heart as she kicked the car seat, threw her bottle on the ground, yelled and screamed and laughed, and might have farted a time or two, and as is par for the course these days into her 13th month of life, she demanded daddy pay full attention to her and to what is going on in her world. Here I am Daddy, watch me, look at me, play peek a boo with me, and don't you dare ignore me!!

Holy cowabunga, what a lot of work. This has made Daddy hungry and after that awesome display of (Babyness') we pulled in for a pit stop at our favorite local breakfast joint in Frisco Colorado.

Papa Bear grabbed a bacon breakfast wrap and a coffee to go, and got a blueberry muffin for the "Boss" before heading off to "La Casa". 

And...... As soon as we planted one foot in the door.... 1, 2, 3, wait for it...

Off Roo girl went like a rocket into space, right for the TV remote and anything else she could get her little hands on. She is so curious and so happy to find anything she can push,pull, and throw across the room... and I am soooo blessed to witness this adventure driven beast of a little lady going head first (Literally,) into the frey.... LOL!!!!

Fortunately this only seems to last for a couple of hours and as soon as she starts doing the " Drunk walk," ( This is what I call it when she stumbles across the room from fatigue,) I put her in her car seat and we head out for a drive and her mid day nap.

Today that time came around 11:30 πŸ•¦ and we are now in the car πŸš— so she can finally nap and I can think.

I think about her future, about our future. 

I think about her first words. Will they be in English or in Spanish. I think about her 1st day of preschool or her 1st day of soccer or ballet, or gymnastics. I think about her first REAL MELTDOWN or her first REAL CRY. 

I think about how she is always smiling and laughing and how lucky I am to have such a good baby.

I think about how blessed I am to be her father.. To be the man she will grow up to love as the man that put everything into everyday. The man that took big risks that he prayed would bring even bigger rewards. The man that taught her how to play the guitar, how to dance, how to cook or how exciting it is to explore and celebrate all of the differences we have in the many diverse and incredible cultures that we see around the world. The man who taught her how to be humble and  honest and taught her about what was is most  important in LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS.  The man who taught her about God and cultivated that relationship, and the man that she admires and wants to be like when she grows up.

I think about all of these things and a few extras here and there. I think most of all about how i’m going to do it all. What it’s going to take. I am blessed and I feel like the luckiest man/father alive, and I know my work is cut out for me but I am so ready to show her how daddy kicks ass!! Wow, what an incredibly fulfilling experience being a parent. What a ride right? Going off the rails off this crazy train.... Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy......

Anywho I'm out for the night.

Until next time kids, live long and prosper πŸ–– and make sure your dreams are bigger than you or anyone can ever imagine. 

Carpe Diem,

Papa bear toe